about us

We are a small group of recovering addicts who decided that we wanted to change the way people think about addicts and addiction. Recovery is everywhere is a public education campaign with three objectives

  1. To reduce the stigma associated with addiction. Most people think of addicts as criminals and parasites to be feared and loathed. We hope that the campaign will help people recognize that they unknowingly have regular contact with recovering addicts – their doctor, lawyer, bank teller, neighbor, co-worker, etc.
  2. To offer hope to those suffering from addiction. Many addicts and loved ones of addicts fall into the trap of believing that recovery is out of reach. We hope to communicate that recovery is possible for anyone.
  3. To normalize recovery. We hope to communicate that recovery is happening every day in all corners of our community. It isn’t rare, strange or a myth.

We will send you the files for any of the ads on this site for FREE if you want to run them in your community. The only restriction is that they may not be used to promote specific treatment providers or other business interests.

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