want to help?

You can offer hope and fight stigma too!

Do you want to help offer hope to addicts and their loved ones and change the community’s image of who addicts are?

We can help you make a difference!

We will send you the electronic files for any of our print ads, postcards or posters. All you have to do is have them printed or published.

  • Ask your local paper to donate advertising space (try alternative papers too). Ask if they’d be willing to hang onto the ads and squeeze one in whenever they have empty space in their layouts.
  • Hang posters on every telephone pole in your town.
  • Send “Recovery is everywhere” postcards to people who could use some hope.
  • Get creative. Get the message out any way you can – Movie theaters? Shopping carts? Billboards? Restaurant placemats or coffee mugs?

Contact us if you want to help spread the word!!

We do not have  a donation page on this site. If you’d like to make a donation to support our work. You can make a donation here. All of our work is paid for by Dawn Farm.

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