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The links on this page are intended to aid you in finding the help you need for yourself or a loved one.

Most recovering folks get clean and sober without any professional help. They just need the help and support of others that have been there themselves. If you think this applies to you, check out the mutual aid groups below. There are mutual aid groups for loved ones of addicts and alcoholics too!

Others may find that they need more help. Use the treatment locator to find professional help.

mutual aid groups

Adult Children of Alcoholics



Al-Anon Family Groups in Michigan

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

AA in Washtenaw County

AA in Livingston County

AA in Metro-Detroit

Alcoholics for Christ

Alcoholics Victorious

Celebrate Recovery

Cocaine Anonymous

Families Anonymous

International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous

International Pharmacists Anonymous

Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically dependent persons & Significant others (JACS)


Marijuana Anonymous

Methadone Anonymous

Nar-Anon Resources

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous in Michigan

Secular Organizations for Sobriety

SMART Recovery

White Bison

Women for Sobriety

Other Resources For Family and Friends

Love First – Our friends Jeff Jay and Debra Jay, Love First provides comprehensive information on intervention, including articles, suggestions, and checklists.

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